Top 10 Cars for Women

The idea to combine in one car just two engines, the main - the internal combustion engine (also used for battery charging) and support - Electric, was born in 1900. The author of it was a brilliant designer Ferdinand Porsche. However, due to excessive complexity and lack of in those days any problems with the fuel, no one interested in the development. The idea of ​​hybrid cars had returned only in the 70s, helped by oil crises and increasing fuel prices.

Women tell us they prefer a car that's agile, has good visibility, and isn't a chore to drive. Many like to sit higher and most rightly insist on plenty of storage space, reasonable prices and low running costs. Space for growing families is essential in many cases and safety is a major factor. Furthermore, many women tell us that a high fun-to-drive factor is important.

The ten cars listed below meet these criteria while allowing for different tastes, lifestyles, and incomes.

-Ford Focus

-Honda Civic

-Honda Fit

-Mazda 3

-Mazda MX-5 Miata

-Mercedes-Benz E-class

-Nissan Sentra

-Subaru Forester

-Toyota Camry

-Volkswagen Jetta